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    1. Axe Throwing

      Welcome to Choppers Hatchet House Outdoors!

      Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Choppers Hatchet House Outdoors at NJMP offers a unique outdoor axe throwing experience with digital scoreboards, outdoor patio, a full bar & restaurant, and large private rooms for corporate events or private parties – located in the heart of New Jersey Motorsports Park. Want to host a clutch team-building event or birthday party? Look no further than Choppers Hatchet House Outdoors! Choppers Outdoors is a proud satellite campus of Choppers Hatchet House of Cherry Hill, NJ. Choppers Outdoors serves private, advanced group reservations only. We do not accept walk ins. Choppers Hatchet House Outdoors is closed for the 2019 season and will re-open March 2020.

      Axe Throwing at Choppers Hatchet House Outdoors is perfect for:

      Contact Us!

      (856) 327-7210
      [email protected]