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    1. General’s Store

      You can find a wide variety of NJMP apparel, souvenirs and racing gear at the General Store. Our store boasts a great selection of automotive racing equipment, offered through a partnership with Virginia-based OG Racing, a distributor for some of the most widely known manufacturers in racing. There’s something for everyone at the General Store, so visit us during your next trip to NJMP!

      We carry:

      • Racing Gear: Suits, Shoes, Helmets, Hans Devices
      • Tools
      • Helmet Rentals
      • Tobacco & Alcohol Products
      • Snacks & Beverages including Pepsi Products
      • Personal Hygiene Products
      • Camping Supplies
      • NJMP Souvenirs

      Store visitors are greeted with a lounge area at the front of the store, complete with comfortable seating, wifi, televisions, and a charging station for electronics. Stop in, sit back, and enjoy the hospitality!

      Please call (856) 327-7206 for store hours. The General Store is open during most events but please call to confirm or send us an email.”

      NJMP is authorized dealers of the following products: