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    1. Upcoming Events


      Sitting on 500 acres, New Jersey Motorsports Park hosts all types of events, including 5Ks, festivals, concerts, and more.

      Comedy Night at The Finish Line Pub

      August 1, 2020 - 8:00 pm

      4th Annual Food Truck Festival

      Food Truck Festival will be back in 2021!

      Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

      July 18th, 2020

      Designer Wraps Beer Fest

      The Beer Fest will Premier in 2021!

      Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Returns!

      September 18th, 2020

      Monster Truckz Extreme Tour

      Monster Truckz Will be Back in 2021!

      South Jersey Show and Shine Truck Show

      Postponed to 2021

      CSI: Crime Scene Idiots Murder Mystery

      November 7th, 2020